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Learning through realistic scenarios - inside and outside of the class
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Participants of our training learn how to manage simulated real-life situations.

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Learn first-aid through hands-on experience...
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70% of our training consists of practices - that's why participants enjoy our training.x

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Our first-aid training sessions build teams that can handle real-life emergencies…
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You can be assured that your staff will be able to handle emergencies after successful completion of our training.

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Why choose us?

ThinkSAFE Maldives offers safety training and equipment for companies and individuals who want to keep their investment and loved ones safe from harm. Our training and equipment meet the latest standards and our trainers have excellent track records in delivering the required training. We aim to ensure that anybody who receives our certificate not only has a solid understanding and knowledge about the topics but also is competent in implementing what is learnt during the training.


Check out our catalogue of safety related products that you can purchase from us.

Social Responsibilities

Know how we contribute to the community through our actions to create a safer environment to all!

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base consist of safety & first aid related articles, tips, posters etc, provided as a community service


We offer a variety of training courses customized to your needs. Check out what is available for your need.

Check Certificate

We are developing a tool to check the authenticity of certificate issued by us. In construction!
What are we doing?

Ensuring Safety in the Maldivian Tourism Sector: First Aid Training Mandate

In the idyllic paradise of the Maldives, where pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters define the landscape, the tourism sector has always been a cornerstone of the economy. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 brought about new challenges and safety concerns for both tourists and staff at the numerous resorts scattered across the […]

Empowering Safety: First Aid Training with AED for Soneva Fushi

First aid training is an essential component of any organization’s safety protocol, especially for those located in remote areas where emergency medical services may not be immediately available. That’s why ThinkSAFE Maldives, a leading provider of first aid training in the Maldives, recently conducted a comprehensive first aid and AED training session for the staff […]

Conducting Hybrid First Aid Training for Raffles Maldives Resort

ThinkSAFE Maldives recently conducted a successful first aid training program for the staff of Raffles Maldives Resort, using its newly introduced hybrid training system. This innovative approach allows participants to complete theory modules online, and then come together for 5 hours of practical training in the classroom. The hybrid training system was well received by […]

Saving Lives in the Maldives: The Benefits of First Aid Knowledge for Remote Communities

First aid is an essential life skill that everyone should learn, especially for those living in isolated island communities like the Maldives where tertiary medical facilities are far away. In such communities, being able to provide basic first aid can mean the difference between life and death, as well as improve the outcome of illnesses […]

What do others say about us?

As a testimonial to our excellent service – we have more than 150 positive reviews on our Facebook page. We encourage you to visit the page and read the review section to find out why our clients are excited about our service!

... best training I attended so far. Really enjoyed the training and very happy. I learned so many things from this training.
Hawwa Suman
Meeru Island Resort
ThinkSAFE Maldives did it again! It was another fun and very informative training. Well done!
Kat Gesmundo
Movenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives
I definitely recommend it to everyone. Regardless of the profession, every single person has to know these basic techniques.
Melih Buğa
Joali Resort



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At ThinkSAFE we aim for perfection in whatever we do! We constantly receive above star rating from participants.

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