Information for Trainees

Information For Trainees

Following information is intended to provide information regarding training to those who participate in ThinkSAFE Maldives training.

Training Details
1(a) – First Aid Awareness Session – 02 hours (01 day)
1(b) – First Aid Refresher Training – 03 hours (01 day)
1(c) – Automatic External Defibrillator Training – 03 hours (01 day)
1(d) – Basic First Aid Course – 7 contact hours (01 day)
1(e) – Standard First Aid Course – 21 contact hours (03 days)
1(f) – CPR Course – 2.5 hours (01 day)
Please ensure that details provided on the Training Registration Form is correct as it will appear on the certificate. Additional charges apply for reprinting of certificates.

The training will be approximately 70% practical and 30% theory – hence it is expected that a lot of physical activities will be involved during the training. Where relevant and possible, trainings will be based on standards/ procedures used by European First Aid Manual.

This training will utilize continuous assessment methodologies (British Red Cross standards) – there will not be a separate written examination unless otherwise specified. Trainer will mark an assessment sheet during the class based on competency of each trainee. Assessment will be based on:
(1) attendance and punctuality; (2) participation in class; and (3) performance competency.
Certificates will be provided within approximately 2 weeks of training unless payment is settled.


90% attendance is required to meet certification criteria. Due to unavoidable circumstances if any participant is unable to meet this requirement, a valid explanation is required. In such situations, issuing of certificate is based on (2) and (3) of assessment criteria and recommendation of the trainer.

No refund will be provided for any participant who did not attend, partly attend, or withdraw from the training sessions after application form acceptance is closed (valid for publicly opened trainings).


It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing during the sessions. Activities will include bending, lying down, lifting and role playing – therefore please dress appropriately. Those wearing head covering should ensure that their hijab is properly secured.


Breaks will be provided during meal times and prayer times – please be back in the session after breaks, punctually. Bottled water will be provided during the class.


Please ensure that classroom is always kept clean. Do not litter. Ensure training equipment are always cleaned or folded after the session. Unless otherwise informed, no footwear should be worn inside the classroom.


Participant may bring following items to the training: [1] pencil/ pen (optional); [2] small note book (optional); [3] bottle of water.
A softcopy of handouts of training slides will be provided to each participant free of charge after the training – it could also be downloaded from our website.


Venue and timing for sessions will be provided by ThinkSAFE Maldives in the Facebook page ( or via email, for trainings opened to the public. If the training is arranged by your employer, training venue and time will be informed by your company.

Special Needs

We encourage participation of physically and mentally challenged participants – therefore please keep us informed of your condition.

For further information please visit our Facebook page at or website
Our office will be open: Sunday to Thursday from 0830 – 1630 hrs. Public holidays – closed.