Community Awareness Program on Safety and First Aid by ThinkSAFE Maldives

In alignment with our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), ThinkSAFE Maldives is proud to announce the relaunch of our Community Awareness Program on safety and first aid issues. This initiative reflects our dedication to fostering safer environments both in workplaces and communities across the Maldives.

Providing IEC Materials

As a cornerstone of this program, we will distribute Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials to various organizations and communities. These materials are designed to be easily understandable and highly impactful, covering crucial topics such as basic first-aid procedures, emergency response, workplace safety protocols, and general health and safety guidelines.

Encouraging Public Display

We urge all recipient organizations and communities to prominently display these IEC materials in public areas. By placing posters, brochures, and informational banners in locations such as office notice boards, community centers, schools, and other high-traffic areas, we aim to maximize visibility and reinforce the importance of safety and first aid knowledge.

Benefits of the Program

1. Enhanced Awareness: Displaying IEC materials in public areas will significantly enhance awareness among employees and community members. This increased awareness can lead to more informed and prepared individuals, ready to respond effectively in emergencies.

2. Safer Workplaces: Organizations that actively promote safety and first aid awareness are likely to experience a decrease in workplace accidents and incidents. Employees who are knowledgeable about safety protocols are more likely to adhere to them, creating a safer working environment.

3. Empowered Communities: Communities equipped with first aid knowledge and safety awareness are better prepared to handle emergencies, reducing the risk of severe injuries and fatalities. This empowerment fosters a culture of care and vigilance, where individuals look out for one another.

4. Positive Organizational Image: Participating in this program enhances the reputation of organizations, demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of their employees and the community at large. It showcases a proactive approach to CSR, aligning with global standards and expectations.

How to Get Involved

Organizations and communities interested in participating in our Community Awareness Program can contact ThinkSAFE Maldives to request IEC materials. Our team will provide a range of resources tailored to the specific needs and contexts of different groups. Additionally, we offer guidance on the most effective ways to display and disseminate these materials to achieve maximum impact.


At ThinkSAFE Maldives, we believe that safety and first aid knowledge are fundamental to creating secure and resilient communities. Through our Community Awareness Program, we are taking concrete steps to ensure that this vital information reaches as many people as possible. By working together with organizations and communities, we can cultivate a culture of safety, preparedness, and mutual care, ultimately leading to safer workplaces and safer communities.

For more information or to request IEC materials, please contact ThinkSAFE Maldives via our Facebook page. You can also find the materials on our Public Awareness page.

Let’s join hands to make the Maldives a safer place for everyone.